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TitleAn evaluation and discussion of a deposit insurance system: Should South Africa adopt such a system?
AuthorKhoza, Bongani Terrence
SubjectDeposit insurance system (DIS)
SubjectFederal deposit insurance corporation
SubjectMoral hazard
SubjectSouth African Reserve Bank
SubjectBest practices
AbstractMagister Legum - LLM
AbstractThe research will evaluate and discuss the importance of Deposit Insurance Systems (DIS) and the necessity of having this system. Important to the evaluation is an analytical consideration of how the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), the National Treasury (NT) and other global financial bodies proposed the approach thereof. Insofar as most jurisdictions had already adopted the DIS as encouraged by the international financial institutions, the study shall determine whether it is plausible for South Africa to derive guidance in her approach taking into account the potential risks posed by the safety-net.
PublisherUniversity of Western Cape