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TitleThe effectiveness of using pictograms and text on medication labels at primary healthcare facilities in Cape Town
AuthorHeyns, Jeanne
SubjectCape Town
SubjectCommunity health center
AbstractMagister Pharmaceuticae - MPharm
AbstractMedication labels are often the only information available to patients after obtaining medication 3 from the pharmacy or other healthcare practitioners. Inappropriately designed medicine labelling 4 contributes to poor interpretation and improper use, which could adversely affect patient health 5 outcomes. In developing countries, pictograms (pictures representing words or phrases), on 6 medicine labels tend to support patients’ ability to read, understand and recall information. 7 8 Objective 9 This comparative study examined low-literate participants’ interpretation of ‘text-and-pictogram’ 10 instructions versus ‘routine text-only’ instructions relative to the intended medicine use 11 instructions on an oral rehydration (OR) dry mixture sachet in public sector Community Health 12 Centres (CHCs) in Cape Town
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape