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TitlePharmacological evaluation of antidiarrhoeal and antidiabetic activities of Syzygium Cordatum Hochst. ex C. Krauss
AuthorDeliwe, Mzonke.
SubjectSyzygium cordatum, Myrtaceae, Antidiarrhoeal activity Antidiabetic activity, Acute toxicity, Aqueous leaf extract, Traditional medicines, Phytochemical analysis Pharmacological evaluation, Mice, Rats.
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractSyzygium cordatum is a medicinal plant indigenous to South Africa and Mozambique, commonly used to treat stomach aches, diabetes, respiratory problems and tuberculosis. In spite of the folklore use, adequate scientific data to credit its widespread traditional use is lacking. The objectives of this study were: to evaluate and validate scientifically the successful therapeutic claims by traditional medicine practitioners that Syzygium cordatum is effective in treating diarrhoea and diabetes
Abstract to determine the effects of the plant extract on gastrointestinal transit of a charcoal meal in mice
Abstract to determine the effects on castor oilinduced intestinal fluid accumulation
Abstract to determine the safety profile of the plant by carrying out acute toxicology study and to carry out preliminary screening of the active compounds present in the plant using standard phytochemical analytical procedures. The aqueous leaf extract of Syzygium cordatum (3.125 -50mg/kg, p.o) significantly reduced the faecal output caused by castor oil (0.7ml). All the doses used, reduced faecal output from 100% produced by castor oil to between 40 and 61%. S.cordatum (6.25 &ndash
Abstract 50mg/kg, p.o) significantly and in a dose dependent manner, delayed the onset of castor oil-induced diarrhoea.