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TitleAn investigation of community perceptions of the socioeconomic factors that hinder the empowerment of women in Belhar.
AuthorFohtung, Vivian Nina.
Subject Culture
Subject Development
Subject Empowerment
Subject Gender
Subject Poverty
Subject Power
Subject Unemployment
Subject Vulnerability
Subject Women.
TypeThesis and dissertation
Abstract The aim of this study is to examine the community&rsquo
Abstracts perceptions of the factors that hamper the empowerment of women in post apartheid South Africa, particularly, women in Belhar community in the Western Cape. Of special interest is the community&rsquo
Abstracts perception of how different policies in post-apartheid South Africa have impacted on the socio-economic participation/discrimination of women&rsquo
Abstracts fight against disempowerment. It will also provide recommendations on how best community based systems can be structured to improve women empowerment.