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TitleKnowledge, attitudes and beliefs on contributing factors among low back pain patients attending outpatients physiotherapy treatment in Malawi
AuthorTarimo, Nesto Salia
SubjectLow back pain, Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, Risk factors Health education, Health promotion, Rehabilitation, Outcomes Malawi.
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractLow back pain (LBP) is a growing health and socio-economic problem worldwide, affecting humans from adolescent to adult age. In developed countries, more than 80% of adults are at risk of suffering a disabling episode of LBP at one point during their life time. In developing countries, particularly in Africa, the life time prevalence of LBP varies in population groups, but the disability due to LBP is increasing. The aetiology of LBP is multifactorial, and there is still no consensus on the exact cause and contributing factors to LBP. In addition, little is known about patients&rsquo
Abstract knowledge and beliefs on the contributing factors to their LBP. The current study therefore, aimed to identify patients&rsquo
Abstract knowledge, attitudes and beliefs on the contributing factors to LBP, among patients attending physiotherapy outpatient departments in Malawi.