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TitleManagement of oral ulcers and oral thrush by Community Pharmacists.
AuthorAmien, Feroza.
SubjectCommunity pharmacists
Subject Oral ulcers
Subject Oral thrush
Subject Mouth sore
Subject Sexually transmitted infections
Subject HIV
Subject Oral cancer
Subject Socio-economic status.
TypeThesis and dissertation
Abstract Oral ulcers and oral thrush could be indicative of serious illnesses such as oral cancer, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), among others. There are many different health care workers that can be approached for advice and/or treatment for oral ulcers and oral thrush (sometimes referred to as mouth sores by patients), including pharmacists. In fact, the mild and intermittent nature of oral ulcers and oral thrush may most likely lead the patient to present to a pharmacist for immediate treatment. In addition, certain aspects of access are exempt at a pharmacy such as long queues and waiting times, the need to make an appointment and the cost for consultation. Thus pharmacies may serve as a reservoir of undetected cases of oral cancer, HIV and other STIs. Aim: To determine how community pharmacists in the Western Cape manage oral ulcers and oral thrush.