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TitleDirectional correlation from oriented states and linear poralization measurements of Gamma Rays from 190T1.
AuthorMadiba, Tshifhiwa Elmon.
SubjectDirectional correlation
Subject oriented states
Subject linear poralization
Subject Gamma Rays
Subject 190T1.
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractHigh-spin states in the oblate deformed odd-odd thallium nucleus ( ) 109 190 81 Tl have been investigated through the reaction 175Lu(20Ne, 5n)190Tl at a beam energy of 115 MeV. The gamma rays emitted from 190Tl nucleus were detected with Ge detectors using the AFRODITE array at iThemba LABS, South Africa. Gamma-gamma coincidence data were obtained and used to construct the level scheme. In this work, Directional Correlations from Oriented (DCO) state ratios and linear polarization anisotropies were measured in order to deduce spin and parity of energy levels in the decay scheme. It was possible to determine the spin and parity of two additional signature-partner bands which decay to the ground-state band.