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TitleTowards a tenure system for sustainable natural resource management for the communal and commonage land of the Leliefontein rural area, Namaqualand.
AuthorSmit, David
SubjectTenure system - Namaqualand, South Africa
Subject Leliefontein, South Africa.
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractThe aim of this research is firstly, to determine the impact of the current practiced tenure system in the Leliefontein Rural Area on the use of the natural resources and secondly, to devise and establish the most appropriate tenure system that will ensure the sustainable natural resource management on the communal and commonage land of the mentioned area. Quantitative questionnaires, review of relevant literature from documentation, research studies and reports were used to gather information and provide contextual insights. A wide spectrum from the Leliefontein Rural area specifically, Namaqualand in general and other semi-arid and communal areas in Southern Africa were covered with the gathering of the secondary data.