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TitleLearners̢۪ motivations for preferred contexts in mathematical literacy .
AuthorHendricks, Charlton
SubjectMathematical Literacy
Subject Context in mathematics
Subject Mathematical Modelling
Subject Relevance of mathematics Learner̢۪s interest in mathematics
Subject ROSME
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractThe National Curriculum Statement introduced mathematical literacy officially in 2006. Learners in general perform poorly at mathematics in South Africa but there is strong belief that learners should graduate from schools sufficiently literate to deal with the mathematical issues they will encounter in out-of-school situations. Based on this, this study is an investigation of the contexts, which grades 8 &ndash
Abstract 10 learners would prefer to engage with mathematics. The aim of this study was thus to investigate mathematical literacy in relation to learners&rsquo
Abstract motivations for the contexts they would prefer to deal with in mathematical literacy. The emphasis of the study is to concentrate on learner&rsquo
Abstracts written motivations for mathematical contexts. Data were collected using a questionnaire that deals with contexts for mathematics.