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TitleAn Information-Based Strategic Framework for Determining the Optimum Level of Project or Service Financing.
AuthorRoman, Danver Leonard.
SubjectPublic Finance
Subject Key Performance Indicators
Subject Organisational Performance
Subject Strategy Formulation
Subject Financing Criteria
Subject Risk Profiling
Subject Balanced Scorecard
Subject Performance Based Financing
Subject Information Management
Subject Financial determinants.
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractThis thesis explores and explains the existence of a best practice model to optimise the transfer of funds (&ldquo
Abstractthe transfer funding process&rdquo
Abstract) between funders and service providers in the public sector. Using ideas about best practice in a specific context, the Health environment, it investigates the perceptions of managers about the transfer of funds between the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and the Local Authority of the City of Cape Town, the existence of a formula that will indicate appropriate amounts to transfer to service providers, and how information systems might assist with the process and the formula.