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TitleHydrosalinity Fluxes in a Small Scale Catchment of the Berg River (Western Cape).
AuthorBugan, Richard.
SubjectSoil Salinity
Subject Sources of Salts
Subject Types of Salinity
Subject Berg River Catchment.
TypeThesis and dissertation
Abstract The objective of this study was to determine the hydrosalinity fluxes associated with overland and subsurface (vadose zone) flow for different soils and land uses. For this purpose, the following data were collected during 2005 and 2006 in a typical small scale catchment located near the town of Riebeeck-Wes: weather data, hydrological and water quality measurements, soil water contents and chemistry, and vegetation growth. The area is characterized by a Mediterranean climate receiving winter rainfall of approximately 300 mm a catchment is conservative, with Na + and Cl- being the dominant ions.