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TitleArenas of Contestation: Policy Processes and Land Tenure Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa.
AuthorFortin, Elizabeth.
Subject Policy processes
Subject South Africa.
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractThis thesis considers different groupings that have come together in their participation in the policy processes relating to tenure reform in post-apartheid South Africa. It is methodologically and theoretically grounded in Bourdieu&rsquo
Abstracts notion of cultural &lsquo
Abstract, spaces of ongoing contestation and struggle, but in which actors develop a shared &lsquo
Abstract, an embodied history. In these land reform policies and law-making activities, individuals and groups from different fields &ndash
Abstract the bureaucratic, activist and legal &ndash
Abstract have interacted in their contestations relating to the legitimation of their forms of knowledge. The resulting compromises are illuminated by a case study of a village in the former Gazankulu &lsquo
Abstract &ndash
Abstract a fourth &lsquo
Abstractcultural field&rsquo
Abstract. Rather than seeing these fields as bounded, the thesis recognises the influence of wider political discourses and materialities, or the wider &lsquo
Abstractfield of power&rsquo
Abstract. In each of the four very different fields, as a result of a shared history, actors within them have developed practices based upon particular shared discourses, institutions and values.