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TitlePt Nanophase supported catalysts and electrode systems for water electrolysis.
AuthorPetrik, Leslie Felicia.
SubjectMesoporous support
Subject Catalyst dispersion
Subject Nanophase electro catalyst
Subject Cathode
Subject Anode
Subject Electrolysis
Subject Proton conductivity
Subject Membrane Electrode Assembly
Subject Hydrogen production
Subject Solid Polymer Electrolyte Electrolyzer.
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractIn this study novel composite electrodes were developed, in which the catalytic components were deposited in nanoparticulate form. The efficiency of the nanophase catalysts and membrane electrodes were tested in an important electrocatalytic process, namely hydrogen production by water electrolysis, for renewable energy systems. The activity of electrocatalytic nanostructured electrodes for hydrogen production by water electrolysis were compared with that of more conventional electrodes. Development of the methodology of preparing nanophase materials in a rapid, efficient and simple manner was investigated for potential application at industrial scale. Comparisons with industry standards were performed and electrodes with incorporated nanophases were characterized and evaluated for activity and durability.