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TitleAanslag op leesbegrip – die effektiewe gebruik van die leeshalfuur.
AuthorCornelissen, R.C.
SubjectPrimêre onderrig
Subject Geletterdheid
Subject Psigolinguïsme
Subject Leeshalfuur
Subject Leesbegrip
Subject Leesgewoonte
Subject Teksontsluiting (‘engagement’)
Subject Skryf
Subject Outentieke tekste
Subject Bevorderlike
Subject leesomgewing.
TypeThesis and dissertation
Abstract This thesis tries to answer the question of how the reading half hour could be used effectively to address literacy problems and thereby improving reading comprehension. In this thesis dominant issues surrounding the teaching of reading and the development of reading comprehension are put under the magnifying glass. A skills based approach, where the focus is on the development of mechanical skills, is contrasted with a comprehension approach in the study. The study was undertaken within a psycholinguistic approach where the primary aim is to make meaning of language and text. This framework also created the space within which literacy problems could be addressed.