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TitleA comparison of the knowledge and attitudes of school counselors trained in the prevention and awareness in schools of HIV/AIDS project and untrained counselors in Tanga Region, Tanzania.
AuthorCoppard, Dorothea.
SubjectHealth Education
Subject HIV/AIDS
Subject Effectiveness
Subject School Counsellors
Subject Teachers
Subject training
Subject Adolescent sexuality Knowledge
Subject Attitude
Subject Tanzania.
TypeThesis and dissertation
Abstract This study aimed to establish the effect of the training that was provided by PASHA on the knowledge and attitudes of school counsellors regarding HIV/AIDS. The research was conducted as a quantitative, observational KA(knowledge, attitude) study in 57 schools (37 or 32 % of the intervention schools,20 non-intervention schools) in Tanga region, using questionnaires to compare the knowledge and attitudes of trained counsellors with those of untrained counsellors towards HIV/AIDS, sexuality and reproductive rights of their students. Questionnaires were pre-tested and then administered face-to-face over a four week period in 2007. Eighty five counsellors were interviewed, 56 of these had received in-service training as counsellors, while 29 had not received any training by PASHA.