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TitleSelf-Organisation in the Governance of Disaster Risk Management in Bangladesh.
AuthorHossain, Mokter.
Subject Participation
Subject Governance
Subject Accountability Coordination
Subject Legal framework
Subject Disaster risk management
Subject Union disaster management committee (UDMC)
Subject on-government organisations (NGOs)
Subject Community-based organisations (CBOs).
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractA disaster always means a huge death toll, displacement and inconceivable destruction for a poor country such as Bangladesh. Recently, Bangladesh has taken a holistic approach to prioritising interrelated activities and the involvement of various organisations in disaster management. A number of disaster management committees (DMCs) have been formed to coordinate and implement risk reduction measures. But the levels of success of these organisations have varied in different regions. Improper consideration of local knowledge, corruption of actors, lack of coordination and capacity of actors, etc., are perceived as major causes of this. Primarily, this mini-thesis aims to measure the impact of self-organisation in disaster risk management.