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TitleBalancing Domestic Regulation and Trade Liberalisation under the World Trade Organisation├ó€™s Multilateral Rules on Trade in Services: A Look at SouthAfrica├ó€™s Telecommunications Sector.
AuthorRugema, Ivan Kairu.
SubjectDomestic regulation
Subject Provisions
Subject GATS
Subject WTO
Subject Licensing of telecoms services.
TypeThesis and dissertation
AbstractThe aim of this work is to analyse the current provisions on domestic regulation contained in the GATS, as well as to examine the negotiations on future disciplines currently being worked on by WTO members. In particular it aims to see what impact these rules will have on the licensing of telecoms services. In addition the study seeks to investigate whether, on a proper analysis and understanding of the legal texts on domestic regulation, the claims made by some civil society organisations and NGOs are valid.59 &nbsp