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TitleAn analysis of employee organisational commitment in the Cenacle of Salvation Church : a communication perspective
AuthorNtsonyane, Marie Mary
SubjectOrganisational commitment
SubjectCommunication satisfaction
SubjectEffective communication
SubjectReligious institutions
SubjectHuman resource management
SubjectWork motivation
SubjectCommunication climate
SubjectEmployees -- Religious life
SubjectReligion in the workplace
SubjectWork -- Religious aspects
SubjectQuality of work life
SubjectJob satisfaction
Format1 online resource (xiii, 168 leaves)
AbstractThis study explores the contribution of communication on organisational commitment within the Cenacle of Salvation Church. Religious institutions are increasing at a speedy rate and their employees are also increasing, it is therefore, important to explore areas of employee wellness such as commitment in these institutes. Through a mixed method research within the Cenacle of Salvation Church in Lesotho, the study exploredcommunication as a contributing factor to organisationalcommitment. Allen and Meyer’s model (1991) of organisational commitment does not include communication as one of its elements, this is the gap the study aimed to fill. Interviews and surveys were conducted, and the study found that communication within the church is very effective, different communication methods are used in the church to keep employees abreast and this enhances their commitment. The study also foundthat communication strategies such as feedback play a major role in influencing organisational commitment.Therefore, it can be said that communication is a contributing factor to organisational commitment.Nonetheless,the study recommends that the church keeps up with the latest technological media and communication channels to further enhance employee satisfaction with the communication in the church and thereby remain committed. The study further recommends thatcommunication interventions and workshops should be expanded internationally sothat the church can learn from other international churches regarding waysused to keep their employees more motivated and committed through communication.
AbstractCommunication Science
AbstractM.A. (Communication Science)