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TitleCharacterisation and cryopreservation of semen from indigenous Namaqua Afrikaner sheep breed, in comparison with Dorper and Dohne Merino breeds
AuthorLetsoalo, Phutiane Thomas
SubjectCryopreservation of organs, tissues, etc
SubjectMerino sheep
SubjectDorper sheep
Format106 leaves
AbstractThe aim of this study was to characterise and cryopreserve semen of the indigenous Namaqua Afrikaner breed, and to compare it to that of Dorper and Dohne Merino sheep, whose semen is commercially frozen on a large scale. The study was conducted between January and August 2015. September 2013-born Namaqua Afrikaner (12), Dohne Merino (12) and Dorper (9) rams were used in the study. The rams were kept under kraal conditions with adequate shade, and they received a high protein, high energy diet. Originally it was envisaged to collect semen samples using the artificial vagina (AV) method, which proved to be problematic with the Namaqua Afrikaner rams. Semen samples were subsequently collected twice a week by either AV (Dohne Merino and Dorper) or electro-ejaculation (EE; all three breeds). Macroscopic sperm traits were assessed and sperm concentration determined immediately after collection. Each semen sample was diluted with Triladyl® (1:3) and subsequently frozen in liquid nitrogen vapour in straws. Frozen straws were thawed and evaluated at 7, 30 and 90 days after cryopreservation. A droplet (0.5 ml) from each thawed sample was assessed microscopically for post-thaw motility and percentage live sperm..
PublisherUniversity of Fort Hare
PublisherScience and Agriculture