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TitleA study of the southwestern Karoo basin in South Africa using magnetic and gravity data
AuthorNxantsiya, Zusakhe
SubjectGroundwater -- South Africa -- Karoo
SubjectAquifers -- South Africa -- Karoo
SubjectHydrology -- South Africa -- Karoo
Format210 leaves
AbstractThe early efforts of Booth, Johnson, Rubidge, Catuneanu, de Wit, Chevallier, Stankiewicz, Weckmann and many other scientists in studying the Karoo Supergroup has led to comprehensive documentation of the geology on the main Karoo Basin with regards to understanding the age, sedimentology, sedimentary facies and depositional environments. In spite of these studies, the subsurface structure, variations in thickness of various formations in large parts of the basin, the location and orientation of subsurface dolerite intrusions, and the depth to magnetic and gravity sources remains poorly documented. A geological study with the aid of geophysical techniques, magnetic and gravity, was conducted in the southwestern part of the main Karoo Basin. The objectives of the study were to construct numerous models of the main basin that image the crust to a depth of 45 km, to determine thicknesses of various formations, to relate observed geophysical anomalies with geological bodies and lineaments, to estimate the depth of existing anomalous bodies, to determine densities and porosity of various formations, as well as to determine the mineralogy of various rocks in the Karoo Basin.
PublisherUniversity of Fort Hare
PublisherFaculty of Science & Agriculture