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Title Developing alternative technologies to control brown rot (monilinia laxa) in peaches during postharvest storage.
AuthorCindi, Melusi.
SubjectPeach -- Postharvest diseases and injuries -- Biological control -- South Africa.
SubjectPeach -- Postharvest technology -- South Africa.
SubjectBrown rot of fruit -- South Africa.
SubjectBrown rot fungi of fruit -- South Africa.
SubjectMonilinia laxa
AbstractM. Tech. Agriculture
AbstractBrown rot caused by Monilinia laxa is the main pre and postharvest disease of peaches; it affects the shelf life and marketability of peaches. Increasing consumer concern regarding food safety makes it necessary to search for natural environmentally friendly alternative products for postharvest disease control. The objective of this study is to develop an environmentally friendly essential oil technology for the control of brown rot (M. laxa) in peaches at postharvest stage to replace the currently used synthetic fungicide (Iprodione)