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Title A Jungian analysis of artworks by a creatively active cohort of persons suffering from schizophrenia.
AuthorTerblanche, Juan M.
SubjectSchizophrenia and the arts.
SubjectArts -- South Africa -- Psychological aspects.
SubjectJungian psychology.
SubjectDream interpretation.
AbstractM. Tech. Fine Arts
AbstractThis dissertation will attempt to contextualise the notion of art created by individuals suffering from schizophrenia. These individuals include four non-westernised individuals. Artworks used in this dissertation were obtained, with permission, from a psychiatric facility on the East Rand. It is the aim of this dissertation to analyse the symbols that manifest in these artworks, symbols that manifest from the personal unconscious of collective unconscious. The symbols that manifest in these artworks will be analysed through the application of Jungian psychoanalytic theory as put forth by the 20th century analytical psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung. The Jungian theoretical propositions to be included in the argument include: Jung"s view of the psyche (which is divided into ego, personal unconscious and the collective unconscious, which houses the main archetypes) as well as Jungian views on symbolism, and Jung"s understanding of schizophrenia. This thesis attempts to show that the methodology that is used during the Jungian dream analysis can also be applied to the analysis of artworks created by schizophrenic individuals. Dream analysis, in this context, will be adapted to an analysis of visual symbols.