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Title Design of a lower extremity mechatronic system to assist physically impaired individuals achieve a standing position.
AuthorGregory, Unéné N.
SubjectDissertations, Academic -- South Africa.
SubjectTime delay systems.
SubjectControl theory.
SubjectFinite element method.
SubjectElectric wheelchairs.
SubjectBiomedical engineering.
SubjectOrthopedic apparatus.
AbstractM. Tech. Electrical Engineering.
AbstractThe hypothesis states that a closed loop control system could be applied to a mechatronic system consisting of a mechanical device(s) to be fitted onto the user, and other relevant periphery mechanical devices, appropriately actuated to provide powered movement to assist the wheelchair-bound individual securely attain a standing position.The premise upon which the hypothesis was to be tested relates to the control system"s ability to facilitate the upward movement proposed and its degree of stability when simulating the system, thus re-creating the anticipated functionality.