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Title Effects of photo-selective nets on tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) plant growth and fruit quality at harvest.
AuthorTinyane, PhushudI Peter.
SubjectDissertations, Academic -- South Africa.
SubjectTomatoes -- Harvesting.
SubjectPlant photoreceptors.
AbstractM. Tech. Agriculture.
AbstractInvestigates the effect of photo-selective nets on plant growth parameters (plant height, leaf area, leaf chlorophyll, stem diameter, flowering intensity, and fruit settings), pest and disease incidence, and yield (number of fruits per plant) in three selected cultivars.Secondly, to investigate the effect of shading on fruit quality parameters (fruit mass, firmness, colour, soluble solids content, and titratable acidity) and health promoting compounds (ascorbic acid, lycopene content, β-carotene, total phenols and flavonoids, and antioxidant scavenging activity) in three selected tomato cultivars.