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TitleDesign of a performance evaluation tool for multimedia databases with special reference to Oracle
AuthorStakemire, Tonia
SubjectSubjects to be assigned
AbstractIncreased production and use of multimedia data has led to the development of a more advanced Database Management System (DBMS), like an Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS). These advanced databases are necessitated by the complexity in structure and the functionality required by multimedia data. Unfortunately, no suitable benchmarks exist with which to test the performance of databases when handling multimedia data. This thesis describes the design of a benchmark to measure the performance of basic functionality found in multimedia databases. The benchmark, called MORD (Multimedia Object Relational Databases), targets Oracle, a well known commercial Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS) that can handle multimedia data. Although MORD targets Oracle, it can easily be applied to other Multimedia Database Management System (MMDBMS) as a result of a design that stressed its portability, and simplicity. MORD consists of a database schema, test data, and code to simulate representative queries on multimedia databases. A number of experiments are described that validate MORD and ensure its correct design and that its objectives are met. A by-product of these experiments is an initial understanding of the performance of multimedia databases. The experiments show that with multimedia data the buffer cache should be at least large enough to hold the largest dataset, a bigger block size improves the performance, and turning off logging and caching for bulk loading improves the performance. MORD can be used to compare different ORDBMS or to assist in the configuration of a specific database.
Identifier Stakemire, Tonia (2004) Design of a performance evaluation tool for multimedia databases with special reference to Oracle. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.