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TitleCritical reflective teaching practice in three mathematics teachers
AuthorLuwango, L.
SubjectLB1603 Secondary Education. High schools
AbstractThis qualitative study reports on critical reflective teaching by three mathematics teachers and how it shapes their classroom practice. The study was carried out in three secondary schools in Rundu in northern Namibia. The study employed a case study method. The selection of teachers was based on their rich practical professional knowledge and exemplary teaching practices. Data collection and analysis was done through an interpretive approach. Interviews and document analyses were the two research tools used, not only for the collection of data but for triangulation also. Interpretations of the findings were validated through member checking. Critical reflective teaching involves thought and action, and it raises teachers’ consciousness of what they do. Through critical reflective practice, teachers scrutinize their beliefs and knowledge of the subject and their practice. Furthermore critical reflective practice may get teachers into a disposition to find alternatives to improve their teaching. In this study, the findings are that participants reflect extensively on their classroom practice. The teachers pointed out that reflection on practice enables them to analyse and evaluate their teaching in line with effective mathematics teaching. They emphasised that critical reflection leads to the identification of weaknesses in teachers’ classroom practice. This culminates in better planning whereby alternative approaches to teaching are exercised. Because of its potential to improve teaching and enhance professional development it is therefore recommended that mathematics teachers be exposed to skills that enhance critical reflective teaching practice. Teachers need to familiarise themselves with the concept of critical reflective teaching in mathematics to meet the demands of superior quality teaching.
Identifier Luwango, L. (2009) Critical reflective teaching practice in three mathematics teachers. Masters thesis, Rhodes University.