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TitleToward the development of a rearing protocol for juvenile dusky kob, Argyrosomus japonicus (Pisces: Sciaenidae)
AuthorCollett, P. D.
SubjectSubjects to be assigned
AbstractThe South African mariculture industry is developing the rearing technology of indigenous fish species. Dusky kob (Argyrosomus japonicus) has high-quality flesh and a good market demand. Research is needed to determine the environmental requirements under which growth of dusky kob is optimised. This study assessed the effect of temperature, light intensity, feeding frequency and stocking density, respectively, on growth, feed conversion ratio (FCR) and survival of juvenile dusky kob within a weight range of 10-60 g fish[superscript (-1)] in a series of four growth trials. The effect of temperature on growth and FCR was assessed at 14 temperatures from 17 to 28°C.The temperature for best growth was estimated to be 25.3 °C, while 21.4 °C was the temperature at which the best FCR was achieved. A growth trial testing the effect of light intensity on growth showed that light intensity did not affect growth in the range of 23 – 315 lx. Fish fed a restricted ration of 3.6% body weight per day (chapter 2) or 3.41 % body weight per day (chapter 4) had a better FCR than fish fed to satiation. A trial to assess the effect of feeding frequency on growth and FCR showed that fish fed both two or three times daily grew better than those fed once daily. FCR was best in fish that were fed once or twice daily. Preliminary analysis of the results from a stocking density trial showed that stocking density in the range of 10 – 50 kg m[superscript -3] did not affect growth of juvenile dusky kob. It is recommended to culture dusky kob at a temperature of 25.3 - 21.4 °C at stocking densities up 50 kg m[superscript -3] to maximise growth. However, a study is needed to determine the environmental conditions needed to maximise profit under commercial conditions. The results allow the South African industry the opportunity to assess the culture potential of this species. In addition, the results will help develop protocols that can be used in other South African candidate aquaculture species such as silver kob, yellowtail, white-stumpnose and sole.
Identifier Collett, P. D. (2008) Toward the development of a rearing protocol for juvenile dusky kob, Argyrosomus japonicus (Pisces: Sciaenidae). Masters thesis, Rhodes University.