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TitleThe impact of HIV/AIDS on primary and secondary education in Mohales hoek in Lesotho
AuthorMopeli, Makhala
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AbstractThesis (M. Tech) - Central University of Technology, Free State, 2006
AbstractThe main purpose of this study is to investigate different attributing factors that contribute to the impact of HIV/AIDS on Primary and Secondary education at Mohale’s Hoek in Lesotho. The fact that about 30% of teachers and close to 170 000 children are shown to be HIV positive, demonstrates the urgent need for an educational based study. This study strives towards elaborating on these key elements by providing recent statistical evidence. Quantitative research and qualitative research were used in the study. The descriptive research survey method was utilised through the use of questionnaires and interviews, as well as additional data, which were obtained from contributions by school principals and interviews held with Heads of Departments, to portray a holistic view of the research problem. The tests carried out demonstrate that the HIV/AIDS epidemic can lead to negative school population growth in some areas, a decline in school enrolment and an increase in the drop-out-rate. The literature reviewed also shows that Lesotho is seriously affected by the AIDS pandemic. It is probable that by the year 2010, 30-35% of children will have lost one or both parents and the ability of relatives to keep such children in school, will have become a critical issue. The results of the statistical analysis indicate that the impact of HIV/AIDS has been a significant factor in primary and secondary enrolment patterns, as well as in the dwindling pool of qualified educators. The findings of the ANOVA show statistically insignificant differences in all the independent variables; that is, age, gender, level of education and years of experience with respect to the impact of HIV/AIDS on education. The limitations of the study have been indicated and recommendations have been made. Decisions on the research questions, research aim and objectives have been made, and decisions on the research hypotheses have been reported as well. Recommendations for further studies have been made.
PublisherBloemfontein : Central University of Technology, Free State