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TitleMassabepaling van bewegende voorwerpe op "n vervoerband met behulp van DSP-tegnieke
AuthorLuwes, Nicolaas Johannes
SubjectCentral University of Technology, Free State - Dissertations
SubjectSignal processing - Digital techniques
SubjectElectric filters, Digital
SubjectFourier analysis
SubjectWeight (Physics) - Measurement
DateJune 2004
Format2991143 bytes, 1 file
AbstractThesis(M. Tech.) - Central University of Technology, Free State, 2004
AbstractGrowing markets leads to an increase in production. In these modern industries, weight measurement is of high priority. Weight measurement instrumentation is used for quality control, as well as for effective process control. Ineffective instrumentation with inaccurate data will influence the production process and profit margins negatively. Experimental data is gathered from an angled load cell, placed as a crossover between two conveyer belts. A weight measurement instrument with the ability to acquire accurate measurement of individual, moving parts is produced with the aid of DSP techniques. This was accomplished by analyzing the frequency spectrum for the undesirable signals with the use of Wavelets transformations (WT) and Fourier transformations (FT). After these undesired signals were identified a digital filter was designed to remove the undesired signals. Repetition of performance is achieved by the automatic zeroing of the instrument after every individual measurement. This weight measurement instrumentation also has the ability to store data consisting of the amount of objects and their individual weights. This instrument can also determine the material of which an object is made of. This is done by calculating the friction coefficient. This function has the ability to effectively identify between iron and rubber components irrespective of their mass or area.
PublisherBloemfontein : Central University of Technology, Free State