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TitleA cost effective school management system for disadvantaged schools in the Free State province using the software as a service (SaaS) delivery model
AuthorKuriakose, Elizabeth B.
SubjectCentral University of Technology, Free State - Dissertations
SubjectComputer software - Cost-effectiveness
SubjectCloud computing
SubjectEducation - Data processing
SubjectHigh school students - South Africa - Free State
SubjectDissertations, Academic - South Africa - Bloemfontein
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AbstractThesis (M. Tech. (Information Technology)) -- Central University of technology, Free State, 2013
AbstractThe aim of this study was to create a dynamic software system that captures all information related to a student and delivers it to the educators, principal, higher authorities and parents. In order to achieve this aim, an investigation was launched as to the development of a cost-effective school management system for disadvantaged schools in the Free State Province using the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. Although a variety of other school management systems exist in the market, they are often expensive and difficult to maintain. Details such as previous academic performances, disciplinary actions taken against a student in the current school, ailments the student suffers from and parental details are some of the information that will help an educator to better understand a student. The software that is currently in use fails to deliver this information. Designing the software as a multitenant system, helps accommodate different schools under the same database, while the shared database, shared schema reduces back-end costs. Database design was carried out in such a way that tenant data is logically isolated and that data integrity is maintained throughout. What makes the software explained in this study cost effective is the method of delivery that was employed, which is SaaS. Here, software is not purchased, there is no upfront capital and the yearly license fee is eliminated, as schools need only pay a monthly rental fee for the services they use. Since all services are provided through the Internet, there is no need for system space; the only requirement is a high-speed Internet network.
Publisher[Bloemfontein?] : Central University of Technology, Free State