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TitleWholebody and hand-arm vibration : quantifying the risk of exposure to human vibration at Rössing Uranium Ltd, Namibia
AuthorBurns, Fulencia Naomi
SubjectVibration -- Physiological effect
SubjectOccupational diseases -- Prevention
SubjectVibration syndrome
SubjectPower tools -- Health aspects
AbstractThesis (MTech (Environmental Health))--Peninsula Technikon, Cape Town, 2004
AbstractAIM &; OBJECTIVES: a) To quantify human vibration exposnres among the various similar occupational groups present on the mine, b) To determine the degree of vibration risk posed onto the mineworkers and c) To recommend and implement a sustainable human vibration management control progranune. METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional descriptive study design was carried out on 135 mine workers employed in various similar occupational groups at Rossing Uranium mine, Namibia Data acquisition originated from a multi-stage proportionally stratified random sampling technique. An approved Human Vibration measuring instrument was utilized to measure Hand-arm and Wholebcdy vibration exposure levels [Aeq (m/s2 )] prevalent among the similar exposure groups. A structured questionnaire, developed specifically for the actual work environment enabled the collection of information such as work history, type of vibration exposure, exposure duration and vibration symptoms. Furthermore, group specific results [A(8)] were computed by means of the latest internationally accepted Health & Safety Executive Vibration calculators. In addition, statistical analyses were performed in order to establish the occupational groups that are at increased risk for the development of hand-arm and wholebody vibration induced health disorders.
PublisherPeninsula Technikon