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  1. Teacher - pupil relationship of the hyperactive junior primary school child
    Govender, Gonasagri, 2015-01-23T04:24:44Z
    In this dissertation, the relationship of the junior primary hyperactive pupil and his or her teachers was researched, to investigate which behavioural aspects of hyperactive behaviour are present in children who are labelled as hyperactive. In the literature study, the researcher gathered infor ...
  2. Teacher adaptation of a curriculum during implementation
    Childs, Margaret Mary, 2011-08-11T14:18:56Z
  3. Teacher adaptation of a curriculum during implementation
    Childs, Margaret Mary, 2005, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
    The purpose of this study is to investigate to what extent foundation phase teachers adapt Curriculum 2005. The study was guided by two research questions: (1) What are the critical components of Curriculum 2005 (foundation phase)? (2) What are the adaptations that teachers have made in teaching thi ...
  4. Teacher agency and the new curriculum reforms in South Africa
    Mahlangu, Thoko Poppy, MED(Curriculum and Instructional Design and Development), 2006-12-19, University of Pretoria
    Teaching is a profession that has a practical component that relies on the skilful application of knowledge. For the past ten years (1996 - 2005) and with the advent of Curriculum 2005, major changes have taken place in the underlying philosophy of education in South Africa. Curriculum 2005, which r ...
  5. Teacher and pupil perceptions of bullying behaviour in Model C primary schools in the Pietermaritzburg area.
    Leach, Jennifer Jean., 2012-07-17T10:09:26Z
    The aim of this study was to conduct preliminary research into the nature and extent of bullying behaviour in primary schools in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. A questionnaire, based on the published results of the Modified Olweus Questionnaire (Smith and Sharp, 1994), was constructed. A further q ...
  6. Teacher appraisal reforms in post-1994 South Africa : conflicts, contestations and mediations.
    De Clercq, Francine, 2011-06-20T10:14:27Z
    This thesis provides a trajectory policy analysis of post-1994 appraisal systems in South Africa by capturing the dynamics of these policies between different levels as well as the reasons these policies have changed and evolved in the way they did over the past 10 years. Its aim is to understand wh ...
  7. Teacher Appraisal: an evaluation of practices in Botswana Secondary Schools
    Monyatsi, Pedzani Perci, 2009-08-25T10:52:44Z
    This study is an evaluation of the effectiveness of the current teacher appraisal system as practised in Botswana secondary schools. The study sought to establish inter alia the relationship between the current teacher appraisal and the day to day duties of teachers, the extent to which it leads to ...