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  1. Development of a high-throughput bioassay to determine the rate of antimalarial drug action using fluorescent vitality probes
    Laming, Dustin, 2016, Rhodes University
    Malaria is one of the most prevalent diseases in Africa and the Plasmodium falciparum species is widely accepted as the most virulent, with a fatality rate of 15 – 20 % of reported cases of infection. While various treatments have been accepted into early stage clinical trials there has been little ...
  2. An investigation into the development of knowledge and strategies for the teaching of visual literacy in under-resourced Eastern Cape schools
    Mbelani, Madeyandile, 2014, Rhodes University
    This thesis reports on a multiple case study PhD project that aimed to investigate meaningful and critical development of knowledge and strategies to teach visual literacy, a component of English First Additional Language (FAL) in six under-resourced schools of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The ...
  3. Mna, Nosigidi
    Matyobeni, Simthembile, 2018, Rhodes University
    This thesis is a collection of poems. These are lyric poems. Animystic poets like Christopher Okigbo and Wole Soyinka are the principal models in terms of style. Animystic poetry projects ideas and emotions in a hallucinatory and profoundly visionary manner. The collection has a variety of themes su ...
  4. The epidemiology of African horse sickness in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
    Riddin, Megan Amy, 2017, Rhodes University
    Expected release date-May 2019 ...
  5. Outcome and impact assessment in the comprehensive evaluation of rural ICT projects in developing countries
    Mthoko, Hafeni L W T, 2017, Rhodes University
    Expected release date-May 2019 ...