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  1. The human skin-blanching assay as an indicator of topical corticosteroid bioavailability and potency: an update
    Smith, E W, 1989
    The human skin-blanching (or vasoconstrictor) assay has evolved from initial observations that corticosteroids induce a pallor or whitening of the skin to which they are applied. McKenzie and Stoughton (1962) are generally recognized as having developed the first scientific bioassay for comparing co ...
  2. Rapid UPLC - MS/MS method for the determination of ketoprofen in human dermal microdialysis samples
    Tettey-Amlalo, Ralph Nii Okai, 2009
    Dermal microdialysis (DMD) is a technique capable of determining the percutaneous penetration of drugs from topical formulations intended for local and/or regional activity. Typically, the concentrations of drug collected in dialysates are very low, generally in the ng/ml or even pg/ml range. An add ...
  3. Bioavailability and activity of 0.1% amcinonide preparations: comparison with proprietary topical corticosteroid formulations of differing potencies
    Woodford, R, 1979
    The activity of a 0.1% amcinonide cream was compared with those of selected proprietary topical corticosteroid formulations of potencies differing according to the United Kingdom (U.K.) MIMS classification (very potent, potent and moderately potent) using a standard six hour vasoconstrictor assay wi ...
  4. Le test de McKenzie-Stoughton: méthode de mesure de l’effect réservoir
    Woodford, R
    A la suite de I"observation que firent Mac Kenzie et Stoughton en 1962, montrant que I"application locale de cortico"ldes anti-inflammatoires peut produire un blanchiment de la peau, des tests ont ete mis au point pour apprecier la constitution d"une telle paleur chez des sujets volontaires. Les tec ...
  5. Comparative bioavailability of some locally manufactured betamethasone valerate containing preparations
    Meyer, E, 1983
    The bioavailabilities of three locally manufactured proprietary betamethasone- 17-valerate containing creams and ointments were compared by measuring their abilities to cause blanching of human skin after topical application. The preparations studied were Betnovate Cream and Ointment, Celestoderm-V ...
  6. Comparative blanching activities of some topical corticosteroid containing lotions.
    Meyer, I.
    The blanching activities of Betnovate and Celestoderm-V lotions (betamethasone-17-valerate, 0,1%) and Diprosone lotion (betamethasone dipropionate, 0,55%) were determined by measuring their ability to cause blanching of human skin after topical application. Betnovate and Celestoderm-V lotions produc ...