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  1. Women and land : acces to and use of land and natural resources in the communal areas of rural South Africa
    Ursula F. Arends, 2009
    The typical face of poverty in South Africa is African, rural, and female. As the primary users of rural land, women engage in farming and subsistence activities. Despite this pivotal role played by rural women, they experience grave problems under communal tenure, most notably in relation to access ...
  2. An investigation into the medicinal properties of Tulbaghia alliacea phytotherapy.
    Thamburan, Samantha., 2009
    The reproductive health of individuals is severely compromised by HIV infection, with candidiasis being the most prevalent oral complication in patients. Although not usually associated with severe morbidity, oropharyngeal candidiasis can be clinically significant, as it can interfere with the admin ...
  3. Application of prescribed minimum sentencing legislation on juvenile offenders in South Africa.
    Momoti, Bafobekhaya Victor Lizalise., 2005
    The detention of juvenile offenders is not encouraged by both the Constitution and a number of international instruments. This right is entrenched in the South African Constitution (section 28(1)(g) ) which provides that every child has the right not to be detained except as a measure of last resort ...
  4. Characterisation of AtPNP-A - A novel Arabidopsis thaliana gene with a role in water and salt homeostasis.
    Bastian, René., 2009
    Plant natriuretic peptides (PNPs) are a novel class of extracellular, systemically mobile molecules that elicit a number of plant responses important in homeostasis and growth. Natriuretic peptides were first identified in vertebrates where they play a role in the regulation of salt and water balanc ...
  5. Tourism and multilingualism in Cape Town: language practices and policy.
    Manaliyo, Jean-Claude., 2009
    Language diversity continues to create a language barrier to international tourism. Tourists from non-English speaking countries face a language barrier in South Africa and this affects their experiences in the country. Measuring and understanding something of this challenge is the purpose of this s ...
  6. An Assessment of the Public Sector Planning Process of the Implementation of Capital Projects in the Ohangwena Region, Namibia.
    Jeremia, George Tileinge., 2009
    This research study focuses on the way the Namibian public sector plans and implements capital projects, mainly in the Ohangwena region, and the Ministry of Health and Social Services in general. The research results show that the planning and project process is not clear and that options need to be ...
  7. Equality and non discrimination in tertiary education for the visually impaired
    Justin Pillay, 2009
    The focus of this paper is the right of the visually impaired to access tertiary education that is not unfairly discriminative and unequal. The study is intended to highlight the inadequacy in the current legislation on equality such as the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discriminati ...
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  9. Characterisation of Eight Non-Codis Ministrs in Four South African Populations to Aid The Analysis of Degraded Dna.
    Ismail, Aneesah., 2009
    In many forensic cases, such as mass disasters reconstruction cases, the recovered DNA is highly degraded. In such incidences, typing of STR loci has become one of the most powerful tools for retrieving information from the degraded DNA. However, as DNA degradation proceeds, three phenomena occur co ...