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  1. Incidence of football injuries in different age groups at a professional football club.
    Curtis, Vernon Glen Lagrotteria, 2006
    Football is the most popular sport in the world, and it continues to have a progressive annual increase in the number of active players and the number of games played per season, which in turn, leads to an increase in the frequency of injuries. Football is extensively researched worldwide, however, ...
  2. Defining the concept "Fiduciary Duty" in the South African law of trusts.
    Rahman, Latiefa (nee Manie), 2006
    An aspect of the South African law of trusts which has, despite the abovementioned evolution of South African trust law, not been clarified, is the ambit of a trustee"s fiduciary duty. This, however, is not only the position in South Africa, but Scotland and, until recently, England as well. It is o ...
  3. An investigative analysis into the saving behaviour of poor households in developing countries: with specific reference to South Africa.
    Nga, Marie-Therese, 2007
    In South Africa, as in many developing countries, most households are poor and do not save, as a result of which they do not acquire any positive net worth and which also constrains access to formal means of finance. South Africa is a consuming nation, with increasing ratios of household consumption ...
  4. Stakeholder participation in the establishment of the Berg Catchment Management Agency, South Africa.
    Gueze, Humberto., 2007
    Enacted in 1998, the New South African Water Act has introduced a new approach to water resource management, founded on the principle of decentralization of the management of water resources to regional and local levels and the public participation. The approach has been captured in the new National ...
  5. Die afname van leerdergetalle by "n hoërskool in "n sub-ekonomiese woonbuurt van Kaapstad.
    Johnston, Michael Antony., 2006
    This research report investigated the impact of the decrease in numbers of learners at a working class high school in Cape Town. The decrease is a consequence of the early school leaving and learner migration. ...
  6. Checking the Kulcha: Local discourse of culture in the Kavango region in Namibia.
    Akuupa, Michael Uusiku, 2006
    This thesis makes an ethnographic contribution to the anthropological debates about the contested nature of &lsquo ...
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  8. Prevalence of physical inactivity among school going adolescents in Nairobi, Kenya.
    Kibet, Jepkemoi Joanne, 2006
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  9. The impact of standardization (public and industry) on product innovation, market access and foreign trade: with specific reference to South Africa.
    Okiror, Julius, 2007
    Product innovation and its efficient diffusion are important to enhance factor productivity, market access, job creation and trade. Innovative firms remain competitive in an increasingly global environment. Product innovation add maximum economic value when the new knowledge and technical know-how a ...