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  1. Hydrosalinity Fluxes in a Small Scale Catchment of the Berg River (Western Cape).
    Bugan, Richard., 2008
    The objective of this study was to determine the hydrosalinity fluxes associated with overland and subsurface (vadose zone) flow for different soils and land uses. For this purpose, the following data were collected during 2005 and 2006 in a typical small scale catchment located near the town of Ri ...
  2. Memory and documentation in exhibition-making: A case study of the Protea Village exhibition, A History of Paradise 1829 - 2002.
    Baduza, Uthando Lubabalo., 2008
    This mini-thesis seeks to interrogate the interplay between memory and documentation in the process of exhibition-making by a looking at the preparation for and mounting of the exhibition, Museum. This will be achieved by looking at the institutional methodologies employed by the Museum in dealing ...
  3. A Discourse Analysis of Selected Truth and Reconciliation Commission Testimonies: Appraisal and Genre.
    Bock, Zannie., 2008
    This thesis is a discourse analysis of five testimonies from South Africa&rsquo ...
  4. The development of executive function in children exposed to alcohol in utero: An exploratory study.
    Badenhorst, Tania., 2008
    The study made use of cross-sectional design that compared the performance of younger children (6- to 7-year-olds) with that of older children (12- to 13-year-olds) on various measures of executive function. Within this, it made use of a natural experimental design, with children exposed to alcohol ...
  5. Production of Li, Be and B nuclei in the interaction of 12C with 12C at incident energies of 200 and 400 MeV.
    Mira, Joele Paulus., 2008
    The objective of this project is to study the production of Li, Be and B isotopes emitted in the interaction of 12C with 12C at incident energies of 200 and 400 MeV. The energies of these produced fragments were measured with a detector telescope consisting of two silicon detectors at the incident e ...
  6. Digital watermarking methods for data security and authentication.
    Hallot, Mary Lynne., 2008
    Cryptology is the study of systems that typically originate from a consideration of the ideal circumstances under which secure information exchange is to take place. It involves the study of cryptographic and other processes that might be introduced for breaking the output of such systems - cryptan ...