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  1. The analysis of a cell phone record as a source of intelligence in the investigation of copper cable theft
    Van Niekerk, Anna-Marie, 2015-02
    Copper cable theft (CCT) has a devastating effect on the South African economy, and essential services such as TELKOM, ESKOM AND TRANSNET have been seriously disrupted, due to CCT. This dissertation focuses on the value of the cell phone record as a source of intelligence during (CCT) investigations ...
  2. Chemical analysis of medicinal and poisonous plants of forensic importance in South Africa.
    Steenkamp, P.A., 2005
    The Forensic Chemistry Laboratory of Johannesburg (FCL JHB) is tasked with the chemical analysis of a variety of samples to assist in determining the cause of death where unnatural cause is suspected. Some of the samples submitted to the laboratory have a herbal or muti connotation, but a large port ...
  3. The design of a wax burning stove
    No author, 2008
    This project aims to design a stove that is fuelled by wax, rather than paraffin, in order to reduce the problems created by the use of paraffin and paraffin stoves among the urban poor living in South African townships and informal settlements. The project, in suggesting that conventional approache ...
  4. The analysis of intermediate phase Natural Sciences workbooks in promoting the nature of science
    Philander, Surainda Malicia Revonia, 2015
    M.Ed. (Science Education) ...