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  1. A phenomelogical study of how South African entrepreneurs experience and deal with ethical dilemmas
    Robinson, David Alan, 2003
    This research sets out to examine how entrepreneurs experience and deal with ethical dilemmas. An entrepreneur is defined as a person who creates something of value and assumes the risk of establishing and managing a business around it. An ethical dilemma comes about when the entrepreneur must choo ...
  2. An investigation into the influence of the environment on spawning aggregations and jig catches of chokka squid Loligo vulgaris reynaudii off the south coast of South Africa
    Schon, Pieter Jan, 2000
    Erratic and highly variable catches in the South African chokka squid Loligo vulgaris reynaudii fishery, cause socio-economic hardship for the industry and uncertainty for resource managers. Catch forecasting can reduce this problem as it is believed that catch variability is strongly influenced by ...
  3. The use of indigenous plants as food by a rural community in the Eastern Cape : an educational exploration
    Shava, Soul, 2000
    at the use of plants as food reflects how humankind has fashioned nature. There has been a significant change in production patterns from hunter-gathering through subsistence agriculture to technologically advanced commercial agriculture with a subsequent reduction in the diversity of plants used as ...
  4. Portfolio of three projects
    Thomas, Lorraine, 2000
  5. A case study of corporate social investment : employing people with intellectual disabilities
    Pillay, Jayalakshmi, 2011
    This research was undertaken within the broader concept of Corporate Social Investments and how this concept is integrated within the context of staff retention and what this means for business and creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Illustrated through the description of ...
  6. The impact of the new dividend withholding tax on regulated investment intermediaries
    Schafer, Carolyn, 2010
    The introduction of the proposed new Dividends Tax will have a significant impact on financial institutions such as Collective Investment Schemes, Linked Investment Service Providers and Long-term Insurers. The reason for this is that South African listed companies declaring local dividends will not ...
  7. Teaching reading in Rukwangali in four Grade 3 Namibian classrooms : a case study.
    Siyave, Theresia Nerumbu, 2010
    This study aims to explore four grade 3 teachers’ understanding of teaching reading in Rukwangali, a home language in Namibia in Kavango region and to observe the strategies they use as well as the activities they set for their learners. During my School Based Studies (SBS), I noticed that learners ...
  8. Promoting learning in science : a case study of the appropriateness and implications of group work ; What are museums for? : a case study on the benefits of using the museum"s science programmes ; Why can"t we go to the museum? : study of the Albany Museum as a resource centre : stimulants and inhibitors ; Literature review : is social constructivism and museum education a marriage of convenience or a marriage made in heaven?
    Ngcoza , Kenneth Mlungisi., 1999
    This research project, using a qualitative case study methodology, reports on the appropriateness and implications of using group work in promoting cooperative learning in science. In this study, group work is seen as providing a social support mechanism for learning through interactive "hands-on" a ...
  9. Broadening the tax base :a case for the informal real estate sector in Zambia.
    Siame, Chilengwe George, 2010
    The main objective of the study was to analyze the potential tax collection from the informal rental housing market in Zambia, using household level rental housing data collected for the Lusaka Urban District by the Central Statistical Office (CSO) as a basis for computation and extrapolation to th ...
  10. Systematics, morphology, phylogeny and historical biogeography of the Mayfly family Prosopistomatidae (Ephemeroptera: Insecta) of the world
    Barber-James, Helen Margaret, 2010
    The diversity, classification and historical biogeography of the mayfly family Prosopistomatidae are explored. First, the higher classification of the Ephemeroptera is reviewed, focussing on the phylogenetic placement of the Prosopistomatidae relative to other mayfly families. All relevant literatur ...