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  1. Research projects
    Adusei-Owusu, James, 2001
    RESEARCH PROJECTS: 1 RESEARCH PROJECT ONE: A literature review: Constructivism: An alternate approach to teaching and learning. Abstract The constructivist perspectives on learning have helped enhance science educators" understanding of how students make sense of their lived experiences. Constru ...
  2. The biology of austroglanis gilli and austroglanis barnardi (siluriformes : austroglanididae) in the Olifants River system, South Africa.
    Mthombeni, Vusi Gedla, 2009
    Austroglanis gilli and A. barnardi are endemic to the Clanwilliam-Olifants System in the Western Cape, South Africa. The populations of each of these species are considered to be threatened by various anthropogenic activities, which include inappropriate agricultural practice and impacts of alien i ...
  3. Seeking health : the hierarchy of resort in utilisation patterns of traditional and western medicine in multi-cultural Katutura, Namibia
    Lebeau, Debie, 2000
    This thesis examines health care choices patients make when illness and misfortune occur. Research on health seeking behaviour was conducted in Katutura (the African township outside of Windhoek in Namibia) during 1996 and 1997. Due to the availability of a wide range of health care options from bo ...
  4. Attitudes and perceptions towards TB in Grahamstown East in a time of HIV/AIDS
    Ndoro, Tinashe T. R., 2009
    Tuberculosis (TB) has become a serious South African health problem because it is the most common opportunistic disease that leads to death in people with HIV/AIDS. Due to the airborne nature of the disease it can easily be spread to anyone including healthy people. A lack of compliance to treatment ...
  5. An analysis of the long run comovements between financial system development and mining production in South Africa
    Ajagbe, Stephen Mayowa, 2011
    This study examines the nature of the relationship which exists between mining sector production and development of the financial systems in South Africa. This is particularly important in that the mining sector is considered to be one of the major contributors to the country’s overall economic gro ...
  6. Stories from forest, river and mountain : exploring children"s cultural environmental narratives and their role in the transmission of cultural connection to and protection of biodiversity
    Alexander, Jamie Kim, 2011
    Preservationist conservation created a legacy of national parks and protected areas that were surrounded by local people dispossessed of their land and denied the rights to use the resources they had previously relied upon. Although conservation is now shifting towards a more participatory approach, ...
  7. An investigation into the organisational culture at an academically successful secondary school in Namibia
    Awarab, Erwin Ronald, 2010
    The appreciation by leadership of the culture of an organisation plays an important role in the success of that organisation. Leadership and organisation culture are an inextricable part of the life of an organisation. The shared assumptions and beliefs of the individual within an organisation shap ...
  8. Discourses around abortion in a low-income community in the Western Cape
    Bowes, Tanya-Ann, 2010
    Since the introduction of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act in 1996, research concerning abortion has primarily focused on public health issues or on the personal experience of women. The cultural and social context within which women experience a termination of pregnancy and in which servi ...
  9. Economic impact studies and methodological bias : the case of the National Arts Festival in South Africa
    Bragge, Brent Reuben, 2011
    Over the course of the last three decades, it has become popular practice to evaluate tourism events like cultural festivals in financial terms, through the use of economic impact studies. This can be attributed at least in part to the notable growth in the number of festivals being held globally a ...
  10. A short composition portfolio
    Buitendag, Kingsley Alexander, 2011