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  1. The gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) system: a comparison between breeding and non-breeding naked mole rats (Heterocephalus glaber)
    Smith, Caitlin, 2010, University of Cape Town Libraries
    Neuropeptides are well known to govern numerous biological functions and are found in all phyla studied to date. Probably the best known neuroendocrine system is the hypophyseal-portal system found in vertebrates, and one of the functions of this system is to mediate reproduction. Mammalian reproduc ...
  2. âPlace of effective managementâA comparison between the South African domestic tax concept and the International tax concept
    Styane,Tarryn, 2009, University of Cape Town Libraries
    The Revenue Laws Amendment Act, 2000 (Act number 59 of 2000) introduced a definition of a âresidentâ in section 1 of the Act, which includes the term âplace of effective managementâ as one of the tests to determine the residence of a person other than a natural person (non natural person)[1].The que ...
  3. Challenging Challenges: A Metaphysical Redress of van den Haagâs Retributive Axiom â Unequal Justice over Equal Injustice.
    Traub, Craig Michael, 2009, University of Cape Town Libraries
    The allure of retribution to justify punishment is undoubtedly as ancient as the notion of punishment itself (whereby, retributive principles will be discussed more fully in Chapter II). Even those who shun systems that adhere to retributive punishment may acknowledge that humankindâs basic moral in ...
  4. Does helminth treatment reduce the risk of active tuberculosis in a cohort of Children from high tuberculosis risk population who have been vaccinated with BCG at birth?
    Workman, Lesley, 2009, University of Cape Town Libraries
    Background Research in adults and older children has shown an association between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and helminth infection, with those infected with helminths at greater risk of tuberculosis. This association is believed to be on the basis that chronic helminth infection can result in a fun ...