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  1. Is South Africa ready to ratify the CISG?
    Solomon Mariam, 2018-05-22T06:49:54Z, University of Cape Town
  2. The role of minimum wages in South Africa’s agricultural sector
    Netshivhodza, Thivhalemi Michael, 2018-05-21T10:41:50Z
    Income inequality is prevalent in both developed and developing countries. In all of these countries there are workers who are highly paid while others are given very low wages. The disgruntled low-paid workers in these countries usually force their governments to intervene in the labour market and ...
  3. Expanding Entrepreneurial Capabilities Through Business Incubators: A Case Study Of The iDea Hub Nigeria
    Ikebuaku, Kenechukwu Maduka, 2018-05-21T09:01:41Z, University of the Western Cape
    Magister Artium (Development Studies) - MA (DVS) ...
  4. Work-family conflict among Hindu fathers in South Africa
    Vanmali Kavesh, 2018-05-18T13:51:57Z, University of Cape Town
    This research examined work-family conflict among Hindu fathers in South Africa. Various authors have indicated that work-family conflict should be investigated in specific cultural contexts because the demands of work and family differ across various cultures. This research examined the relationshi ...
  5. Effects of the Economic Partnership Agreements on Regional Integration in Africa
    Awinador-Kanyirige, Darkowa, 2018-05-18T13:52:26Z, University of Cape Town
    After gaining independence, African states embraced the idea of regional integration as an approach to boost economic development on the continent. This was evident in the new regional organizations that were predominantly generated among developing states in the southern hemisphere. Majority of the ...
  6. Evaluation of the implementation of the Baby and Mother Friendly Initative in Namibia
    Amadhila, Justina Nelago, 2018-05-17T12:25:09Z
    The purpose of this study was to conduct evaluation research on the implementation of the Baby and Mother Friendly Initiative in Namibia in order to identify its successes and failures, as well as to develop guidelines for the strengthening of the programme. An evaluation research design using a seq ...
  7. Retrenchment in the insurance industry: the small business development dividend
    Louw, Leonie Barbara, 2018-05-16T08:25:03Z
    The focus of this study was to investigate the employment difficulties faced by individuals who had been retrenched from the insurance industry during the years 2000 to 2013 in order to develop an understanding of the continuity in the specialist type of work after their retrenchment. The study also ...