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  1. Implementation of new policies, the white paper and the ABET programme in adult education. What effects have the new policies, the white paper and ABET had on education, training, development practitioners and adult learners?
    Maabane, Tswelopele A, 2014-05-20T09:05:29Z
    This study investigated implications of new education policies, the white paper on education and training and implementation of adult basic education and training (ABET) and the consequences thereof for education, training and development practitioners (ETDPs) and adult learners. The study also i ...
  2. The efficacy of hydroxyurea in decreasing transfusion requirements and hospital admission in children with sickle cell disease
    Mackinnon, Diane, 2014-05-20T09:11:22Z
    The burden of sickle cell disease lies in Africa where resources are limited . Hydroxyurea may be an affordable treatmentoption for these patients. Purpose To asses whether hydroxyurea has any effect in reducing vaso-occlusive crises, hospitalization and transfusion requirements in children ...
  3. Impact of HIV-1 co-infection on tuberculosis and value of CD4+ lymphocyte counts and concurrent antigen testing in interpretation of tuberculin reactions in hospitalized children with tuberculosis in South Africa
    Madhi, Shabir Ahmed, 2014-05-20T09:22:53Z
    There are few reports on the impact of HIV-1 infection on tuberculosis in children. Microbiologic diagnosis of tuberculosis is difficult and much reliance is placed on the tuberculin skin test, as part of a scoring system, in diagnosing tuberculosis in children. A prospective study, enrolling 168 ...
  4. Teaching as a practice
    Mafeka, Mahali, 2014-05-20T09:28:13Z
    The aim of this conceptual investigation is to reclaim the ethics of teaching through a critical examination of some recent accounts of good practice in teaching and by advancing an alternative account. Many recent accounts of good practice focus on concepts such as professionalism, competence ...
  5. Towards an evaluative framework for public participation in NGOs
    Mathye, Euclid Mafemani, 2014-05-20T09:35:34Z
  6. The developmental profiles of children with idiopathic tonic-clonic epilepsy as measured on the Griffths Developmental Scales
    Magongoa, Daphney Isabel Seemole, 2014-05-20T09:41:10Z
    The effect o f epilepsy on the development of children with well controlled tonic-clonic epilepsy was assessed using the Griffiths Developmental test. Twenty five subjects and twenty five controls matched for age, sex, location and socio-economic status were tested. Their ages ranged from three t ...
  7. Strategies of representation in South African anti-apartheid documentary film and video from 1976 to 1995
    Maingard, Jacqueline Marie, 2014-05-20T09:47:01Z
    This thesis focuses on strategies of representation in South African anti-apartheid documentary film and video from the late 1970s to 1995. It identifies and analyses two broad trends within this movement: the first developed by the organisation called Video News Services; the second developed in ...
  8. Headteachers" and teachers" perceptions of the role collegial teams in enhancing continuous instructional improvement: a case study of two high schools in Swaziland
    Mamba, Noah M, 2014-05-21T07:36:53Z
    This study set out to establish and record headteachers’ and teachers’ perceptions of the role of collegial teams in enhancing continuous instructional improvement. The concept collegial teams is based on the collegial model. The model advocates that for instructional improvement, teachers ought ...
  9. The establishment of an ABET centre in a rural school in the Northern Province of South Africa
    Manamela, Enos, 2014-05-21T07:45:24Z
    The aim of the study was to ident-fy issues involved in the establishment of an ABET centre in a rural secondary school. A case study of two schools with ABET centres and one without an ABET centre as well as a community college was undertaken. The procedure involved gathering information on how ...
  10. A search for transferase galactosemia genes in the South African negroid population
    Manga, Nayna, 2014-05-21T07:52:15Z
    Transferase galactosemia is an autosomal recessively inherited disorder caused by a block in the conversion of galactose to glucose. Manifestations include jaundice, vomiting, cataracts, mental retardation, speech abnormalities and poor growth. This disorder is due to a deficiency of galactose- 1 ...