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  1. The foreign policy of Swaziland
    Frankel, Philip H, 2015-03-13T06:58:32Z
  2. The behaviour of the calibration parameters in the Jomet Car Ownership Model, with particular reference to the effect of public transport accessibility
    Fransos, Anthony Charles, 2015-03-13T07:02:17Z
    The concept of accessibility is investigated,along with various types of accessibility measures. The effect of public transport accessibility on household car ownership is examined,using results of studies in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The behaviour of the Jomet cor own ...
  3. The reading world of black workers
    French, Edward., 2015-03-13T07:47:32Z
    An understanding of the identity of reading and its social meanings should contribute to the quality of adult literacy work. This study is an inquiry into ways ot understanding reading, and specifically into its meaning and role in the lives of black workers in South Africa. The understanding of ...
  4. Causes, correlates, and outcomes of union commitment
    Fullagar, Clive James Andrew, 2015-03-13T09:19:38Z
    The aim of the present thesis was to develop a process model of union commitment which would outline some of the causes and consequences of union commitment. A review of the literature on psychology"s contributions to the area of labour revealed a lack of research but produced the conclusion tha ...
  5. The felsic intrusives In E.R.P.M., Boksburg
    Fumerton, Stewart Lloyd, 2015-03-16T06:08:48Z
  6. Adolescent depression and the role the school counsellor
    Gadd, Lois Merle, 2015-03-16T06:22:57Z
    The purpose of this study was to examine the phenomenon of adolescent depression in an exploratory manner. Although recent literature has attempteo to address the nature and prevalence of childhood and adolescent depression, there is a considerable lack of research within the school context. This ...