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TitleInhibiting factors to the role of representative council of learners in participative governance of schools: a case study of selected schools in the Qumbu District in Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
AuthorPoswa, Sakumzi
SubjectHigh school students -- Governance
SubjectStudent representative council -- Secondary education
TypeM Ed
Formatxii, 128 leaves
AbstractThis study was conducted in four Qumbu District schools The literature review enabled the researcher to understand the current discourses in terms of learners’ participation in the governance of schools through the Representative Council of Learners Through the methodological application of triangulation, the study produced data on which findings were based and recommendations made Generally, evidence from the collected data reveals issues worth the attention of the researcher and relevant authorities Some of the evidence in this study was that there is need to involve learners in decision making; that the learners who are elected to be members of the RCL should be provided with orientation and training so that they become aware of the content of policy documentations that govern their roles and responsibilities These RCL members are supposed to be considered as potential decision makers and leaders in their schools It is therefore the responsibility of schools and the Department of Education to provide orientation and training for these learners so as to equip them adequately with leadership information and to develop their skills in order for them to be able to play their roles responsibly In concluding, the researcher believes that solutions to the problems identified can be resolved by considering the recommendations for implementation.
PublisherWalter Sisulu University
PublisherFaculty of Education