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TitleA critical discussion of music education as an aspect of aesthetic education with special reference to general music education at Secondary Schools
AuthorCarolus, Mario Cornelius
SubjectComposition, Literature, Audition, Skills, and Performance ( C LAS P )
AbstractMagister Educationis - MEd
AbstractThis thesis is concerned with discussing music education as an aspect of aesthetic education, with special reference to the general music (Class music) curriculum at the secondary schools. Class music, or general music education, is being neglected at secondary schools in South Africa. A strong need for reform is necessary to revitalize the neglected state of class music in schools. Chapter One explains and discusses what is meant by the concept of aesthetic education and its relationship with the arts and especially music education. Chapter Two critically analyses and discusses music as aesthetic education as laid down by Charles Leonhard and Robert House. The soundness of their view comes under severe scrutiny, by the highlighting of contrasting viewpoints. Present criteria operant in music education are critically viewed and the soundness of these criteria as theory are evaluated. Chapter Three discusses Popular music and Classical music in aesthetic education. While the merits of these types of music are of importance, they culminate in a view which propagates the peaceful coexistence of both Popular and Classical music as an aim in aesthetic education. Chapter Four is a critical discussion of the general music education curricula in South Africa. This discussion is based mainly on the C LAS P - model, that is , Composition, Literature, Audition, Skills, and Performance. Chapter Five makes some recommendations towards a music curriculum for the general school music curriculum, based on the C.L.A.S.P - model, and aesthetic principles.
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape