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TitleAn investigation into English home language teachers’ use of the English home language textbook in Grade 11
AuthorFrank, Mark
SubjectEnglish Home Language
SubjectTextbook Relevancy
SubjectFigurative Language
AbstractPhilosophiae Doctor - PhD
AbstractThe study investigates how English Home language teachers use the English Home language textbook in the grade 11 classroom. It aspires to generate an understanding of the strong relationship between the teacher, textbook and the learner thereby illustrating how a recognition of the various ways the textbook can be used. By addressing methodological issues and text relevancy as a tool for learner connection, the research appraises the use of text relevancy in the grade 11 classroom. In upholding a constructivist view of teaching the research postulates that the use of textbook material that holds a connection to learners’ lives can help increase the proficiency of the learners in the classroom and bring a deeper motivation for increase learner participation. The investigation uses a qualitative methodology to study and describe the dynamics of using the textbook. The research captured teaching methods that are already known. However, the research in this thesis also added some new dimensions that many teachers might not know of or might not be using in their classroom. These teaching methods revealed the extent to which effective teachers will go to make a difference for their learners. The teaching methods harnessed the ability from the learner to recreate, imagine and empower their understanding of the world they live in with an understanding of current topics that surfaces in a teenager’s life. The findings indicate that the textbook is still relevant and can be used in some creative ways of teaching. The study also affirms that it is possible to develop your own textbook, which can add a greater connection between the teacher and the learner.
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape