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TitlePopulation pharmacokinetics of terizidone and cycloserine in patients with drugresistant tuberculosis
AuthorMulubwa, Mwila
SubjectDrug-resistant tuberculosis
SubjectPopulation pharmacokinetics
AbstractDoctor Pharmaceuticae - DPharm
AbstractIntroduction: Drug-resistant tuberculosis remains a major world health problem and one of the leading cause of death worldwide. Despite adequate adherence to antituberculosis drugs by patients, the emergence of drug-resistance tuberculosis still occurs. This fact implies other factors leading to the emergence of resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A multidrug treatment regimen, which may consist of five to seven different drugs including terizidone, is used in the treatment of drugresistance tuberculosis. Terizidone is part of the multidrug regimen whose pharmacokinetics is scarce in literature and plasma concentration profile unknown. Two molecules of cycloserine joined by terephtalaldehyde moiety makes up a molecule of terizidone, which is thought to undergo complete metabolism into cycloserine in vivo. Additionally, the current literature report that terizidone and cycloserine can be used interchangeably as they are thought to be equivalent. The aim of this thesis was first to develop and validate bioanalytical methods for determination of terizidone and cycloserine in patients’ plasma samples. Secondly, to model population pharmacokinetics of terizidone and cycloserine. Thirdly, to determine the amount of cycloserine resulting from metabolism of terizidone.
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape