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TitleQuality of service in cloud computing: Data model; resource allocation; and data availability and security
AuthorAkintoye, Samson Busuyi
SubjectCloud computing
SubjectData model
SubjectResource allocation
SubjectData availability
AbstractPhilosophiae Doctor - PhD
AbstractRecently, massive migration of enterprise applications to the cloud has been recorded in the Information Technology (IT) world. The number of cloud providers offering their services and the number of cloud customers interested in using such services is rapidly increasing. However, one of the challenges of cloud computing is Quality-of-Service management which denotes the level of performance, reliability, and availability offered by cloud service providers. Quality-of-Service is fundamental to cloud service providers who find the right tradeoff between Quality-of-Service levels and operational cost. In order to find out the optimal tradeoff, cloud service providers need to comply with service level agreements contracts which define an agreement between cloud service providers and cloud customers. Service level agreements are expressed in terms of quality of service (QoS) parameters such as availability, scalability performance and the service cost. On the other hand, if the cloud service provider violates the service level agreement contract, the cloud customer can file for damages and claims some penalties that can result in revenue losses, and probably detriment to the provider’s reputation. Thus, the goal of any cloud service provider is to meet the Service level agreements, while reducing the total cost of offering its services.
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape