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TitleTesting of the Phillips Dental Age Estimation Tables on a same ob black children from Mpumalanaga, South Africa
AuthorMahlangu, Simpiwe Margaret
SubjectDental forensics
SubjectPhillips dental age estimation
SubjectSouth Africa
AbstractMagister Scientiae Dentium - MSc(Dent)
AbstractA number of dental age estimation methods have been developed over the years ranging from the frequently used age estimation of Demirjian et al (1973) and Moorrees et al (1965) to the less frequently used age estimation methods of Haavikko (1970) and Nolla (1960). Different dental age estimation methods have been used with variable success. These were developed using mainly children of Central and Northern European descent and white North Americans. The results of the above-mentioned dental age estimation methods, when used on South African children, show that the need for adaptation of these methods exists. Phillips has thus developed a dental age estimation table for Nguni children of South Africa, to assist in correcting this discrepancy. OBJECTIVE: To establish if the Phillips dental age estimation developed for Nguni children of South Africa is applicable to children in the region of Mpumalanga. METHOD: Cross sectional study using a stratified random sampling method involving 100 panoramic radiographs of black children up to the age of 14 years, in the region of Mpumalanga. CONCLUSION: This study will determine if Phillips dental age estimation tables developed for South African Nguni children is applicable and accurate in estimating the age of black Mpumalanga children.
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape