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TitleAn intergrated model of the role of authentic leadership, psychological capital, psychological climate and intention to quit on employee work engagement: A comparative analysis
AuthorBalogun, Tolulope Victoria
SubjectAuthentic Leadership, Analysis of variance, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Comparative Fit Index, Exploratory Factor Analysis
AbstractPhilosophiae Doctor - PhD (Industrial Psychology)
AbstractOrganizations exist for the primary aim of meeting particular objectives: innovation and advancement, customer satisfaction, profit making and delivery of quality goods and services. These goals are mostly channelled with the intent of demonstrating high performance crucial for the continued existence of the organization especially in these rapidly changing global economies. This target, however, cannot be achieved without the aid of employees in the organization. A plethora of previous studies have proven that efficiency, productivity, high performance and stability on the job can be better achieved when the employees are dedicated, committed to their work roles and experience work engagement. The experience of work engagement on the part of the employees is not a random event; it depends on a myriad of factors that include authentic leadership. Leaders have a cumulative change effect on their followers; hence, leaders in an organization can be termed as core drivers of employee engagement. Hence, it becomes imperative to seek to understand what authentic leadership as a construct has to offer to the workplace.
PublisherUniversity of the Western Cape